N-ERT is comprised of a team of National controllers and response teams working 24/7 to ensure all your emergencies are responded to in record time. Our goal is to get you the assistance you need when you need it.



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Services WE PROVIDE.

At NERT we strive to serve you, the public. We can be found on social media platforms like Whatsapp and Zello where emergencies are reported and then reacted to by our 24/7 control room. No emergency is too small, from a civilian who needs an ambulance all the way to a hijacking, we will despatch services whenever you need. We are proud to have achievd a 99.9% success rate over the last year.

Control Room.

NERT has fully fledged control centres based in Western Cape, Gauteng and KZN and are manned 24/7 aorund the clock. All our controllers have undergone training in order to ensure the quickest despatch time.


Our Whatsapp groups are provincially seperated thus allowing us to concentrate on emergency situations per region. These groups are monitored 24/7 by our controllers and all emergencies are then routed to control.


N-ERT has a National Zello Channel  allowing emergencies to be filtered in from around the country. Zello also allows for quick 2 way comms between various control and despatch centres ensuring efficient response times.


Working  wih SAPS, Law Enforcement and other agencies, we pride ourself on amazing recovery times & are proud of our  95% success rate. We collaborate with various tracking companies ensuring a speedy turnaround.

Guard Dog...(coming soon)

State of the Art Technology within a remote the size of a matchbox allows us to find you anywhere and despatch relevant services in record time. Never leave home without "Guard Dog" at your side.

Law Enforcement.

Having formed close collaborative ties with SAPS, K9, Flying Squad & other law enforcement & EMS services ensures assistance at your side within a few minutes. We pride ourselves on reacting "first time, every time..."

Who Are We.

N-ERT is a national emergency response initiative that helps save lives & prevent crime. We react for you when you can't. Working together to assist anyone who needs help in emergency situations, we ensure you receive the proper assistance you need, as quickly as possible.

Our Process.

Our social media platforms include Whatsapp, Zello and 2 way radio comms thus allowing multiple areas to report an emergency. Our control rooms are manned 24/7 with dedicated controllers standing by to deal with all emergency situations ranging from a house breaking to hijackings and medical trauma situations.

Our Approach.

We use a no nonsense approach in all we do. Nothing is taken lightly when it comes to saving or preserving a life. Our controllers are trained to react efficiently to any given situation and our social media groups are reserved for emergencies and emergencies only. We concentrate fully on what matters most...saving lives.

Our Goal.

The goal of N-ERT is to save lives. Sounds simple yet so many innocent lives are lost daily due to the inability to have emergency services arrive on time. We strive to ensure you get the assistance you need when you need it. No emergency is taken lightly and making you feel safe in a crisis situation is what we do best.

Our Mission.

"We react...first time...every time." Saving lives is our mission. Harnessing all available resources to help protect and preserve is our number one priority. No red tape, no paperwork, no questionnaires... Lives are precious. N-ERT understands this and takes it very seriously, day in day out, 24/7...365.


These are some of the faces you will probably never get to see but who work tirelessly day in and day out to save lives. Selfless and dedicated, these are some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes who make each of you a priority 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Aqueela AS1

HR & Lead Control (WC)

Aqueela aka "Mini Boss" is known for her methodical and direct manner to dispatch and control. Ensuring all is running like clockwork is what she aims for , sometimes at the expense of a few friendships but mini boss takes her work very seriously when its time to save lives.

Quinton QB

Control & Reaction (Gauteng)

Quinton aka "The Fixer" is NERT's head of communications and technology. Extremely proactive and tireless QB is a valuable asset to the team. Being an active member of patrol groups QB is also hands on in the fight against crime & takes saving lives very seriously.

Sandra S1

Despatch Control (Gauteng)

Sandra aka "The Whip" is known for her no nonsense and firm approach on despatch. An experienced controller, Sandra ensures the Gauteng despatch runs efficiently, first time every time.

Merlene MS1

Despatch Control (WC)

Merlene aka "Miss Soft" is known for her gentle approach but her work ethos is 2nd to none. Part of the "graveyard shift" she is known to always be available to get your emegencies dealt with.

Shadia SK1

Dispatch Control (WC)

Also known as "Queenie" or "BP" Shadia is a truly dedicated controller. She has been known to let her blood pressure rise when a despatch is late but high BP or not she keeps focused especially on the graveyard shift. An invaluable asset to the N-ERT team.

Lutfieyah PE02

Dispatch Control (WC)

Affectionaltely known as "Lulu", Lutfieyah keeps all the controllers awake with her bubbly mannerism. But make no mistake, this lady takes no prisoners if  a despatch is late. A truly dedicated controller who stands by no matter what.

Shabier SF1

Control & Reaction (KZN)

Shabier aka "Falcon" is the only bird that can fly without wings. But he has earned the name Falcon for his keen ears and eyes. Providing critical intel and reacting with ground units is what he does best. A real gentleman who goes the extra mile in assisting all in need.

Dale DL

EMS Medical Unit (Gauteng)

Dale aka "The Voice" due to his silky smooth voice over radio comms provides valuable EMS support in the Primrose, Befordview and Alberton areas. As an ILS "The Voice" is a valuable asset to the NERT family.

Akshay Alpha1

Reaction Unit (KZN)

Alpha1 aka "The Member" is part of a the KZN ground reaction team under the banner of SBA security. Tirelessly working emergencies in KZN, Akshay deploys his vehicles for emergencies ranging from EMS to Reaction based events.

Tyrone TG

Reaction Unit (KZN)

Tyrone aka "Stealth" is a mild mannered reaction officer working with SBA security. Being quiet and reserved means very little when he is faced with an emergency. Tyrone is a force to be reckoned with and has proven to be valuable within N-ERT's reaction team.

Javon JD

Dispatch & Reaction (Gauteng)

Nico aka "The Kramer" for his striking resemblance to a certain visual effects artist is part of the ground reaction unit & is always ready to assist with any emergency. Seen in the Karoo all the way to Cape Point "The Kramer" just wont sit still...well not until the emergency is dealt with.

Willem W7

Dispatch & Reaction (Vandebijlpark)

Willem aka "The Amigo" is known for his endless energy & is always willing to go the extra mile. Willem treats all emergencies as serious & reacts accordingly. "The Amigo" is a hands on personality who is a valuable asset to the Gauteng team.


EMS Medical Unit

Coming soon. EMS Unit.


Reaction Unit

Coming soon. New Reaction Unit


Reaction Unit

Coming soon. New Reaction Unit

Mike Oscar MO

Founder N-ERT

Mike Oscar aka "Mo" founded N-ERT in 2017 & has formed strong internal teams with infrastructure support from law enforcement and private indutry specialists. Honesty & Integrity are part of his work ethos. His motto:  "One man can make a difference..but not alone."

Our Latest WORK.

We thought we would share a few of our success stories with you. Listed below are some of our OB (Occurrence Book) entries. We will strive to keep you updated each step of the way.

May 2017 21h00


81 yr F fell blow to head 3 Abbotsbury Ave Grassy Park Contact Trevor Lewis AMBO DISPATCHED REF 2280 Eta 21h20 Pt has brain cancer n was treated accordingly. Family thanked NERT for quick response as he waited 2 hours for ambo before our call.

23 JUNE 2017 00H38


NAT WC OB 0036

Mike Oscar] House breaking @ 9 Gemsbok, Verulam Units enroute.

VIP and AJ01 responding.

Update received all in order. .

12 JUNE 2017 13H24


AT WC OB0104

Gangfight/firearm produced at BP Hazel Rd Rylands Contact:MO


Njoko On Scene: 13h33

27 JUNE 2017 15H18


Due to lack of evidence earlier in the case with a white VW POLO in Sharpville area  2 suspects were released.... N-ERT with MO2 as lead took on the challenge of the case.. After intensive investigating  N-ERT Task Team in collaboration with SAPS manged to positively arrest 1 of the 2 suspects  in Sharpville... N-ERT Task Team *Willem (W7) *Ian (IC1) SAPS *Warant Maree and his crew  assisted in the success.  Vanderbijlpark Co-Ops also assisted in the succesful joint op.

12 JUNE 2017 18H56


NAT WC OB0109 12 June 2017 18h56 Cape Town Station

1000+ rioters heading Grand Parade FLYING SQUAD EXTRA UNITS and POPS


Are cleared as reported


16 JUNE 2017 23H35


NAT WC OBNo00012 16 June 2017

C/ o Wespoort And Eisleben Lentegeur 3 vehicle involved. Male critical condition ( red) 7 children traumatised Reported by contact onscene : Denzil Despatch done by Nico ND1 - Ref no 2051 Your ref nr is: A1706/8450. Services on route 23 h 38 Ambo 74 on scene 23h43 E 52 Fire & Rescue on scene 23h44 Ambo 74 took patient  (Red) to Melomed Mitchells Plain

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